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DANCON March is a tradition in the Royal Danish Army that started in 1972 when troops were sent to Cyprus. The march is a great way to check physical readiness and also a social gathering. It's around 16.62 miles long and each Soldier must carry at least 22 pounds. Troops allied with Denmark are invited to join in the march which has taken place in various places such as Cyprus, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Completing the march rewards a certificate of completion and a DANCON March Medal. It's not just a physical test, but also a chance to bond and make new friends. All proceeds from the march are donated to charity. is an initiative from Danish soldiers to help facilitate the march in an easier and cheaper way. That means more focus on the social part of the event, and more money for charity.

We help with planning, promotion, and merchandise. We can even design your custom medals, badges, t-shirts etc.

We can help facilitate any march, run or other event.


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